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Make sure to add these exciting events to your calendar, coming in March!

  • July 19th: Ice Cream Social 

  • July 21st: Breakfast on the beach

  • July 23rd: Hot Dog Night 

  • July 26th: Craft on the beach

  • July 27th: Community Day/Band on the Beach

  • August 2nd: Ice cream social 

  • August 3rd: Camp out

  • August 4th: Breakfast on the beach 

  • August 8th: Craft on the beach 

  • August 10th: Wakeoff

  • August 11th: Band on the beach 2 to 6

  • August 13th: Taco Tuesday 

  • August 16th: Ice Cream Social 

  • August 17th: Cornhole tournament 

  • August 18th: Breakfast on the beach 

  • August 23rd: Craft on the beach

  • August 24th: Band on the beach 4 to 8

  • August 27th: Taco Tuesday 

  • August 31st: Closing day

  • September 13th: Back to School Ice Cream and Smores 

  • December 7th: Breakfast with Santa 

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