Member Dock Slip Renters:

    Please be advised that the dock slip assignments for 2019 season might change due to the additional new slips at the A Dock and

    possibility to move some boats from the B&C dock.

   To accommodate your vessels and make this process as smooth as possible, your renewal application forms need to be filled out completely, 

    with all details about contact/cell number, email address, type and size of the boat etc. correct.
    Please leave nothing blank or your application will be rejected and the process to assign you a slip will take much longer.

     All financial obligations to the club must be paid and up to date before dock space will be assigned and slip or launch can be used.                     

     Violations of this policy will cause you to be subject to loss of your docking and boat launch privileges.

      We have had and continue to have issues with individuals lending/giving gate keys to friends/others.  No gate 
key may be lent
to or used by 

     anyone but the lessee of the slip and household members. Loss of your slip will occur for violations of this policy, with no refund.

     Member Payment Date Deadline is: March 15, 2019

      **No Boat may be slipped in ‘A’ Dock prior to May 1, 2019, without the express permission of Lake Forest Yacht Club


If you would like to refer a non-member for a dock slip rental, please contact the LFYC Dockmaster: 
Frank Gutowski at 973-663-5767.

2019 Season Dock Rental Information

The club office has mailed out the 2019 dock slip rental invoices and rental agreements to all members who rented dock slips in 2018. The 2019 dock rental fee for members is $525.00. If you plan on renewing for the upcoming season, please return the completed and signed rental agreement along with a copy of your current boat registration and payment by March 15th, 2019.  Please be advised that the office will not accept incomplete applications. Also, please indicate if there is any repair issue that you feel needs to be tended to regarding your slip.

If you have no intention to renew your dock slip for the 2019 season, please contact the club office so that we may reassign the slip to another member. We already have several members requesting available dock slips this season.

Since we have limited amount of dock slips, we will restrict dock rentals to one slip per member family until March 18th to accommodate as many members as possible. As is club policy, dock slips will only be rented to members whose: financial obligations to the club are current, have completed and signed rental agreement and provide a copy of the boat registration indicating member ownership of the boat.  All of the above criteria will be required before LFYC approval of dock slip rental or renewal.

For new members or members renting for the first time, we will have few open dock slips for the 2019      season. If you’d like to rent a dock slip this season, please contact the club office at 973-663-0158 to request a dock rental agreement. The open dock slips will be reserved on a first come first served basis for members who meet the above rental criteria. Actual slip assignments for new renters will be determined starting March 16th, after member dock renewals are confirmed. 

Members who would like to rent a second dock slip may do so after March 18th. On April 1st, all remaining open dock slips will be made available to member guests, with a member referral, at a rental fee of $1,500.


35 Yacht Club Drive

Lake Hopatcong, NJ  07849

(mail to:) P.O. Box 217

(973) 663-0158