35 Yacht Club Drive

Lake Hopatcong, NJ  07849

(mail to:) P.O. Box 217

(973) 663-0158

email: office@lfyc.org


As the boating season coming to an end, please be aware of how you park in the gravel lot, near the boat ramp. Parking too close to the boat ramp makes it very difficult to safely maneuver a boat and trailer down the ramp. Equally important is that after launching your boat, trucks, and trailers are moved well away from the boat ramp path. This will allow other members to launch their boats as easily as you have. These considerations for those around you will help keep LFYC a safe and fun place to enjoy the lake. Thank you and I look forward to sharing this summer with everyone.

Brian Richardson
The trustee in Charge of the Docks 

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