BEACH AREA DEFINED AS; All the sand area, clubhouse verandah, walks around the clubhouse and galley, diving platform, grass area in front of clubhouse and between the beach and parking lot, the water from the jetty to the south-west end of the sand.


1.    Ball playing is prohibited except in designated area i.e.; volley ball area

2.    Fires are not permitted on the beach.

3.    Motor vehicles are not permitted in beach area

4.    Bike riding is not permitted in the beach area

5.    Fishing from sanded and posted areas is prohibited

6.    Trailers are not permitted in beach parking area

7.    Do not litter.  Put all debris in containers marked and provided.    


The Lake Forest Beach is intended for the use solely by its members and their guests. 

All members have a responsibility to see that the following rules are adhered to during the year.


1.    Use of this facility is at your own risk, lifeguards are there to help provide safety, not guarantee it.

2.    Parents are responsible for their children’s actions and will be held liable.

3.    All members and guests must be in possession of a current LFYC beach badge with photo.

4.    Cars must display a current LFYC sticker

5.    LFYC is not responsible for lost or stolen property

6.    Animals are not permitted on the Beach area. 

7.    Use of the facility is permitted only in accordance with all Federal, State, Local Laws and     Ordinances.  

8.    When a lifeguard is on duty: All persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible guardian, 12 years or older, on the beach or swimming.

9.     When a lifeguard is not on duty: All persons under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible guardian, 16 years or older, when on the beach or swimming.


35 Yacht Club Drive

Lake Hopatcong, NJ  07849

(mail to:) P.O. Box 217

(973) 663-0158



1.    Sponsoring members are responsible for their guests

2.    All guests using the beach must be in possession of a current LFYC badge.

3.    No person eligible to join LFYC may be a guest of a member

4.    A sponsoring member must be present while a guest uses the beach.

5.     Limit of 10 guests per day.   If you require additional guests, please check with the office. 


1.    Swimming is permitted in designated areas only and may be restricted by lifeguards at any time.

2.    High dive tower is off limits when guards are off duty

3.    No pushing or shoving on diving platform

4.    Only one person permitted on the diving board, high dive platform or ladder at a time.

5.    Divers must dive forward off the board not to the right or left

6.    Exit water via appropriate ladders:  High dive to the right and low board to the left.